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Making the creative, confident, curious adults of tomorrow.

child with wings

Contact with the arts improves attainment and development across the board.

CLIP Theatre provides a range of classes for babies, toddlers and the under fives.
We have decades of experiences in Creative Learning and believe strongly in the link between global development, academic attainment and contact with the arts.
The arts are exceptionally powerful as a tool for development and learning.

“Took my five month old to this class and he absolutely loved it! The teacher is absolutely fantastic-really talented, engaging and imaginative! There is so much visual stimulation, fab songs - I loved it and so did my son” (Antonia)

CLIP was founded by Mhairi Grealis. She has worked as the Course Director for the Richmond theatre and was a fellow on Creativity Matters, a hands on research project working with Early Years children, to explore the wide ranging influence of the arts.
Mhairi was very much in demand on the project, because wherever she went, children’s creative scores went up quickly, and steeply. Her way of working in drama and music has always centred the participants as creators, and it’s this method of creating through play that has always brought such stellar results.

CLIP has a special interest in developing creativity, and speech and langauge in your child. Music is intrinsically linked to language development. CLIP use rhyming speech and language to give your child that head start. Through Mhairi's deep understanding of rhetoric and rhythm thanks to her training in directing Shakespeare, CLIP has it all.
Coupled with the core practice of guiding our older children into being authors of our adventures, CLIP acts as a hot house for your child's development and a great preparation for later learning.

Mhairi and doggie
Mhairi and donkey

CLIP was born from Mhairi’s time as an acclaimed theatre maker. CLIP is a heady mix of exceptional stimulation for your under 5 and acres of high quality, expert, talent lead fun brought to you by industry professionals in the music and acting business.


CLIP isn’t just about your little one, it’s about you too. We offer endless variety within the careful structure we have created, and we even offer Bring Baby events tailored to entertaining you. Typically of us, however, there’s always some time for baby from a CLIP leader too, so you can have a wonderful time, guilt free.

At our classes and shows, we are mindful that there are adults in the room. We’ll always make our music palatable, we’ll never talk to you like it’s a school room, and we will never, and we make this promise absolutely, ever, be boring.

“Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! My daughter absolutely loves Clip Theatre. The classes are a great way to bond and have fun with your baby while developing their skills” (Tanya)

“Second time at Clip and just soooo much fun for my son, he’s 2.5yo and loved it. His friends aged up to 4 and loved it too. All the parents in the group had fun too. Will 100% be going again.” (Denise)