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CLIP and Covid-19

Have CLIP taken measures against the spread of Covid-19?

CLIP are the funnest most irreverent baby class in town, but we are also a serious business - so yes, we have measures in place.
We take Covid-19 so seriously, that, even before lockdown in March we were so concerned that people weren’t acting responsibly, we made an announcement that we were closing, shut our doors early and spent two weeks cleaning and disinfecting every piece of kit that had been in use since news of the pandemic broke.
We have always carried anti-bac spray and wipes, and cleaning everything after use is just what we’ve always done.
There’s really no excuse not to as far as we’re concerned.

covid puppet

How are you keeping us safe?

  • Like a lot of businesses, we are asking clients to enter and exit through separate doors where possible – this isn’t always achievable- if we can’t stagger arrivals and departures in this way, we ask clients to be vigilant, and avoid passing each other in doorways.
  • We ask clients to sanitise their hands upon entry, encourage use of sanitiser thoughout sessions, and offer sanitiser upon departure.
  • We take our clients temperature with a non-contact thermometer upon entry: adults only. Anyone registering a high temperature will be advised to go home and monitor their situation
  • We have separate flooring stations in place: but we also ask our clients to provide additional flooring like a blanket, to lay on our flooring. Some clients don’t bring a blanket, but even if they do, we spray all flooring between sessions
  • All of our kits are single use and bagged up – this is a throwback, we used to do this in our early days anyhow, so it’s no hardship!
  • All our staff are undergoing covid awareness training.
  • We provide our staff with face visors for close contact in sessions.
  • We realise it’s very hard - toddlers make contact with each other and what can we do? All of the evidence suggests there’s a negligible risk of them passing on the virus or getting infected - but we do emphasise you are in loco parentis in our classes, and we ask our parents to be mindful and keep their children by their sides- we can all, only do our best – as long as we all do that, we are making a world of difference.

How are things different?

  • Dress up is optional at this time: if you have dress up, it’s single use
  • Classes are shorter- we feel that it’s the quality of what we do that brings our clients back again and again, not the quantity. At this time, shorter exposure to others, even if it’s a bubble, is better – we are also mindful our little clients have spent weeks behind closed doors, so shorter is better for them too, at this time
  • Elements of the class that might lead to contact are either carefully controlled, or culled altogether – so things like parachute work are only rolled out in one class per morning, as once it’s been used, we don’t use our chute again – and when we do things like that, it’s done in a carefully controlled way
  • Class sizes are dramatically smaller – this is why we’ve increased our pricing: we are so sorry we’ve had to do this, but we intend to be here for you next year, and the year after, and we are determined our staff will get through this too- so smaller class sizes for safety, increased pricing so we can keep delivering them to you
  • Block booking is encouraged by lower pricing – we have always offered blocks but now we really push them as the best option for you, and for baby – please book a block, it’s safer and better for your wellbeing too.
  • Things we used to do, we’ve been inventive in replacing: anything that involved contact from us, we’ve found ways to replace so we all still have fun - we’re not known for our creativity for nothing