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Guidelines for Workshops


  • Our full child protection policy can be found here
  • We are all about fun and good times at CLIP, but these are the rules we ask you to follow – thank you!
  • CLIP Theatre staff are not in loco parentis during our workshops for ages 0-5. *
  • We do not accept responsibility for accidents or injury to you or your child, who we expect to be supervised by their parent or carer at all times.
  • As CLIP work in a variety of locations, we will take every reasonable precaution to ensure that our host venues are safe from hazards for you and your child but we do expect you to be vigilant.
  • CLIP provide kit for you and your child to use in sessions and shows. You are in charge of this kit at all times and it is for use with your child.
  • We use bubble mixture at CLIP: please be advised that children who suffer an allergic reaction to bubbles should avoid contact with mixture
  • We take child protection and health and safety very seriously at CLIP, and we train our staff in both.

* The exception is if we explicitly advertise, and run a youth theatre for ages 4+ and give parents express permission to drop their children off.


  • We will refund you if you are unhappy, just get in touch
  • If you let us know before a session begins you can’t come, we will refund you – if you let us know afterwards, we will roll the missed session over to another day or class
  • If you are a nanny and you want a refund, please be advised we also inform the LO’s parents as a courtesy that you are unhappy and have requested your money back


  • If your child sleeps though a session, we will give you a freebie, just speak to us and we’ll organise it


  • Got something to say? Suggestions, praise, we love it all, get in touch!