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What Is CLIP's Grotto?

CLIP have a beautiful grotto offer at Bromley Glades. We understand that queuing with a child is stressful and we think a grotto visit should be joyful. That's why at CLIP, you can bring your age 0-6 child to us and be entertained with a lovely joyful North Pole Adventure class while you wait to see The Big Guy. Our elves will sing, play live music, and engage your children with sensory props and activities while one by one, each family is taken in to our magical grotto.

Your visit to Santa will be approximately five minutes long, but you won't have to endure a 40 minute wait in the freezing cold beforehand. Instead, let us fly you to the North Pole under the stars, experience magic, comedy and beauty, meet a polar bear and a penguin, and have a wonderful time.

Where And When Is The Grotto?

The Grotto is located in our Experience Shop in Bromley Glades. When you book, you'll be sent more info about how to find us, and what to expect. The Glades is an ideal shopping destination for all of your Christmas gifts, so be sure to make a day of it and get those presents ticked off the to do list too! You can come to CLIP, have a shop and go for lunch in one of the great eateries on the food terrace: it's a great excuse to visit all of those gorgeous shops and have a bite to eat so go for it!

We begin our grotto on December the 18th, and it runs until the 23rd. Places are strictly limited, so be sure to book soon.

Two Types Of Grotto

We have two types of grotto for you this year:

REGULAR GROTTO - this is just what you'd expect, you go in, meet Santa, have a chat, get an age appropriate gift

ECO GROTTO - This offer is for mums with babies who are under 1 and we only have two available this offer comes with no toy - why clutter up the planet with another gift for a baby who is too young to know what a gift is? If you want an eco grotto, don't forget to book on quickly, we don't have many spots available.

Whichever offer you choose, you'll have a great time. We really know how to bring the magic. See you soon!