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We are aware you guys go to lots of events, and you're likely to compare our Bring Baby offer favourably, or unfavourably, to them - that's life! The FAQs below are responses to the questions and comments about BBDB we have encountered from your feedback - if there's anything else you'd like to know, get in touch on

Why don't you provide an additional changing station?

We have had requests to provide a changing mat in the bingo room - there are a few reasons we can't do this for you, including compliance around health & safety, and safeguarding: we are really sorry! However, we make no judgement on where you've changed or will change a bottom, we have all been there and done that, we just can't set anything up for you.

Why is the event only 1.5 hours long?

Bingo may be for our parents and others, but it's a very sensory experience for LOs too, between puppets, CLIP kit, live music from multi-instrumentalists, the bingo soundtrack, the floor kit and our drag artists, we think 1.5 hours is enough: besides, we always give you a good amount of time around the event to settle in, and leave, and our venues encourage and welcome meet ups, drinks and food before, and after our events outside of the bingo room.

Why is bingo on the pricey side for a bring baby event?
In short, drag artists expect to be paid well, it's big and at times risky job to drag up - so, between paying for our artists and providing you with an additional professional performer to deliver additional support, the event is expensive to run, but we are proud to offer you a really high quality, thoughtful experience, and we'd rather have that additional staff member, and the excellent drag artists we work with, than offer you something less fabulous.

Can I bring a friend without a baby?
As long as adults without children are with a client with a baby, that's no problem: we won't allow adults who are not associated with one of our parents to attend.

Can I bring my dog?
We do not allow dogs at any of our events

Oh god, my baby cried all the way though! What can I do about it?

We'll give you another ticket, we're not having that, just get in touch!

Is it Ok to chat?
It's up to you, really, but please bear in mind our drag acts are really funny, so it's worth giving them as much attention as you can - but we get this is a social occasion too, we make no judgement, and the games themselves are largely number calling, albeit with comedy thrown in

Is it OK to take photographs?

Drag artists love a tag on Instagram, please photograph them and please ask for photos with them at the end: however we ask you are mindful of other people's LOs - if you don't have permission from a mum you don't know, to include their child in the background of your photo, please don't publish that image online: this is good advice for any event or class you might attend in the future. If in doubt, contact us and we can make any relevant enquiries

Is your event safe?
All of our staff are trained in safeguarding and paediatric first aid. We have a full risk assessment and emergency plan for this, and all of our events. While we are never in loco parentis, we will take every reasonable precaution to ensure your child's safety, but we do ask you supervise them at all times. Please note, as this event is often in pubs/restaurants, we ask all of our staff to check for hazards before set up, and we share our risk assessment with our venues so they are aware of our requirements, but we ask you to be vigilant too - no matter how safe we are, there's always a risk if a baby is unsupervised, and pubs come with specific hazards, such as nut consumption on the premises by patrons not associated with our event, and glass breakage: we are extremely mindful of these hazards, but we ask that you are aware too.