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Baby And Toddler Classes Like No Other in Streatham, Balham, Tooting, East Dulwich, West Dulwich, Bromley and Hither Green

Who Are CLIP Theatre and What Makes Our Baby and Toddler Classes Award Winning?

At CLIP Theatre we're known for a lot of different things but the adjective we hear used to describe us most is fun. This is undoubtedly true. When I set out to create CLIP, that was at the forefront of my mind. CLIP happened quite by accident: I was running youth theatres for older kids. With 20 years in Creative Learning and an impressive CV, when I wanted to start a business, that was the logical choice. However, a few months in to running CLIP, someone asked me to start a baby class in their venue in Streatham, and I said yes - without having any understanding of how to run one. All I knew is that as a trained director and playwright, what I understood was storytelling, and as a musician with two children of my own, I thought music had to be the centre of anything I did for babies. Everyone knows babies love music - of course, what I didn't realise at the time is how profoundly music positively impacts on early development and shapes and widens those neural pathways towards speech and language attainment.

I was terrible for a few weeks, that's for sure, the sessions were dull and lacked interactivity and focus - once I worked out there was though, no mystery to it, that in fact, it was about providing a heightened experience with sensory props, music and in our case, puppets, we got better- but it was only when I made myself a lion's mane out of Marigolds, as a way of giving our mums a laugh, that CLIP was truly born. It just so happened that was also the day I first sang our attendant audience Jazzy Banana - needless to say we haven't looked back since: twenty nine families showed up the next again week, we were off the starting blocks in a big way.

After starting two baby classes in Streatham, we now run newborn classes, mixed age classes, baby classes and toddler classes in Streatham, Balham, Tooting, Abbey Mills in Wimbledon, Bromley, East Dulwich and Hither Green. We serve up shows, parties and our famous Bring Baby Drag Bingo and Drag Storytimes in Bromley, Dulwich, Streatham and Peckham, and we are still growing.

So why would you choose us? We are on the pricier end of the market, so what's so different?


CLIP are unique for a number of reasons - here are just a few of them:


We are so lucky to have a cutting edge team of film makers, software developers and music producers. We are firmly in the digital age, and CLIP is small enough to keep bringing you new state of the art content and ideas, thanks to how agile we are. From extra content, our state of the arts lighting and props, to how we communicate with you, we are always one step ahead and it means, for you, we offer a great experience from booking to that final sticker at the door.


We are all working professional performers at CLIP - but we also have a unique perspective on creativity and the impact of arts of development and attainment, thanks to my extensive professional experience outside of CLIP. One of the most profound experiences I had in my working life before CLIP was working on a project in early years departments in schools - the project then tracked children who had that contact with the arts, via practitioners like me, and looked at the increased attainment they had academically across all subject areas as a result. This not only informs what we do at CLIP, but how we do it - and it's why joy and fun are at the centre of this heady mix of arts delivery steeped in the science of development. I knew even thenI had something special - I was dropped in to lots of schools who were reluctant to take the project, because I made assessment scores shoot up wherever they put me. That's the hotbed CLIP was born out of.


It's so very easy for baby classes to deliver a very simple, earnest product, and that's often what people want - and good on those classes, keep on keeping on! However, it's not who we are. CLIP are about a repeated, solid structure, but with new content inside of that every week. We are about high quality, thoughtful exercises that focus on specific attainment outcomes and sensory development, but which don't feel like you're back in school. We are about excellent, personal customer service, in a non-judgemental setting and lastly, we are about child centered, child lead classes, full of room to explore and contribute and for our mums, full of space to get to know other mums and relax. We are about welcoming each and every one of our little and big, no matter who they are, with love, no judgement, and all the care in the world.

There's so much more I could tell you, but I would suggest, if you really want to know what sets us apart, you book on and see for yourself. Here's what some of our customers have to say:

" I couldn't have exceeded my expectations, it went way above and beyond. I want to come back every day"

Cynthia, Toddler Class, The Glades, Bromley

"I have genuinely had the best day in a long time, thank you! Thank you for putting something on with both baby and parents in mind, it's amazing! "

Kati, Bring Baby Drag Bingo, The Bedford, Balham

"My son loves it. He even joins in when he's feeling shy"

Anonymous, Mixed Age Class, Furzedown Rec

"it exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much, everyone had a wonderful time"

Laura, Birthday Party, The Rookery, Streatham

From your enhanced experience with us via our added digital content and excellent customer service, to our all-important vibrant, beautiful creative content, CLIP is happiness from start, to finish. We hope we'll see you soon and you can become part of our quirky, unique and brilliant family.


WHATSAPP: 07564847341

See you soon


Mhairi and the CLIP Team

CLIP in our beautiful pop up shop in the Glades, Bromley. Thanks you, La Salle!