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Why CLIP's Baby and Toddler Classes Are The Best For Your Child's Development

There are a lot of baby classes on the market. Why would you choose us? CLIP is just one of many company offering baby and toddler classes, so what sets us apart?

can you do this at home? we don't think so

CLIP only work with professional actors, musicians, music producers and film makers. We won't settle for run of the mill, cliched hackneyed ideas about what a story or song should be for a baby or toddler- we really think about what we do, we won't sell our audiences short. Sitting alongside years of experience in professional performing are years of high end, expert work in Creative Learning, including cutting edge research projects in to attainment through contact with the arts. This powerful mix means we are, by far, the most joyful and creative company out there, as well as the company that's best for attainment.

The science of play

Why do children play? Play is learning. It's through play that we explore, understand and gain experience of the world. We are hard wired for play. At CLIP, we don't try to teach your child in any traditional sense that you might relate to from your years of classroom learning, rather we engage through play and further, we believe any class for the under 7s which focusses on rote learning, that doesn't have play at it's heart, isn't worth bothering with. This is why contact with the arts, any cultural capital, from reading to your child aloud to going to Swan Lake, exponentially raises their attainment across all subject areas. However, what is most powerful, is interactive, peer-lead engagement - in other words, not just being an audience, but being part of the process of making or performing the art. This is what really works the magic.

Empirically, children with a high cultural capital do well - very well - in areas as diverse as maths and science, to social and emotional intelligence. In other words, what we do is rocket fuel for developing minds.

other ways in which we support development

We further aim to support development by offering a rolling twelve week curriculum. Our whole focus is speech and language attainment, which is the key to global development, but within that we offer playful, story-lead activities that touch on different key areas every week. From Newborns to Toddlers via Babies, we work with you to develop and stimulate the whole child and help them become the curious, creative, confident adults of tomorrow.

why we don't lecture you about this stuff

We consider ourselves to be a 21st century baby and toddler class company - which is why you'll hear about what we do, and what you can do, via messaging and through other digital media. The more you book with us, the more content we will give you access to: which is a bargain, as the more you book with us, the cheaper we get - our term bookers have the greatest access to our extras and insights, but everyone gets an overview at the very least.

However, the biggest reason we don't lecture you in classes, is simple, really, it would defeat the purpose of giving you and your LO a joyful, playful, arts lead experience - we can do the science outside of class times, that's easy.

but surely learning should feel...well...worthy?

Oh lord, no, learning shouldn't feel boring, pedestrian or worthy - far from it. When have you ever learned at your best bored, or disengaged? That's why our classes work. They are great fun - this doesn't mean they are less powerful than other classes, but more powerful than other classes- reflect on your favourite hobby or activity- does it feel like a chore to practice something you want to get better at? No, we thought not.

so...what you're saying is, the more fun the better?

Absolutely, the more fun you have the better - but what is also true is that everything we do is grounded in the latest research in neuroscience which points to speech and language attainment being key to global development - and this is largely about music, as well as words: but we are like the vegetables blended in to the sauce - they'll never know the good stuff is in there because it's wrapped up in delicious music, drama and comedy.

so CLIP is the best thing I can do for my baby or toddler to help them develop?

You are the engine that powers your child's development. Think about the everyday fun you have, the natural exaggerated inflections you use when you speak to your child, the endless fun you have throwing them in to the air, the songs, the chatter...all of that is the cake on which your baby's mind will feast, we are just the icing - but what fabulous, powerful, colourful, wonderful icing we are- let us help you break that glass ceiling - come and see us, and you'll see what we mean.

CLIP Theatre run baby and toddler classes in Bromley, Hithergreen, Dulwich, East Dulwich, Streatham, Balham and Furzedown in Tooting.

We also run big theatre shows, BringBaby Drag Storytime and Bring Baby Drag Bingo as well as delivering magical, stunning, parties

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