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4.79 out of 5
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Tracey( Mar 12, 2022 )
Very inclusive and interactive class, thought initially it could be intimidating, but it was excellent and useful tips shared throughout the duration of the class. A fully accessible website that fully showcases what you do, I thought the class was excellent. I like the fact the class I attended was easily accessible (baby changing nearby) and in an easy place to find. I also didn't feel pressurised to leave afterwards. All welcome to stay after the class completed
The Glades, Bromley: Newborns
Anon( Mar 6, 2022 )
The sessions are really great. I like the combination of repeating some songs / activities for familiarity as well as different content each week. It's been great to be able to bring my new baby without having to pay for her and to have my older child entertained!
Furzedown Rec: Mixed Age
Lucy( Feb 25, 2022 )
We LOVE Bring Baby Drag Bingo, it’s so joyful and great fun for parents and babies alike. We’ve made a lovely friend there who was on her own and sat with us. Thank you so much x Love it! Thank you x
The Bedford, Balham: 0-crawling
Steph( Feb 6, 2022 )
Our daughter loves Clip. She’s so confident in your casses and feels so at ease with you all. You always make the classes so different and interesting for fhe. Great watching Flo engage with the story and props You’re fab
Furzedown Rec: Mixed Age
Anon( Feb 6, 2022 )
I went to the Halloween session during half term little one enjoyed it. However I think it is to over priced especially to be sitting down for 45 mins just with a few props. It should be £6-7 max. £12 defo overpriced We enjoyed the lights and the songs- the lady running the session was really bubbly and got the children involved as much as she could. She was really friendly and energetic . The price definitely to much - needs to be at least half of that price of £12
The Glades, Bromley: Mixed Age CLIPPERS
Libby( Feb 6, 2022 )
Both my son and I loved the show and we will definitely be back!
The Glades, Bromley: Toddling CLIPPERS
Nicole( Jan 23, 2022 )
Wonderful sensory space with great interaction. Absolutely loved it.
The Glades: 0-5y
Steph( Jan 23, 2022 )
Clip is wonderful. Every week is different. Flo loves the songs & puppets. Pay as you go makes it really flexible as you when so many other classes you have to book a block at a time.
The Railway Streatham & Furzedown Rec, Tooting: 4mo-5y
Laura( Oct 13, 2021 )
Excellent class, teacher very engaging with the babies. Great variety of activities throughout the session, and a lovely opportunity to catch up and chat to other mums at the end. The venue space at the Bedford is brilliant! A large space that's safe enough for the babies to crawl around and engage with the activities. fantastic experience and one we'll be returning to!
The Bedford: 4mo-5y
Anon( Oct 1, 2021 )
My son really enjoys your sessions. As he's getting older he's engaging more with the activities. Compared to the other classes we've been to it has a real sense of purpose, and flows well with the songs and stories and keeps my child engaged with the interactive aspects and various toys and instruments. We think you're doing a great job.
The Glades, Bromley: 4mo-5y
Pip( Oct 1, 2021 )
One of the best classes I have taken my toddler to, she loved it and really participated- everyone joined in, thanks to the fab teacher
The Glades: Mixed Age
Lauren( Oct 1, 2021 )
Abby is fantastic and her enthusiasm is 100per cent no matter the size of the class. I have attended other classes alongside CLIP as I like to get out and about with my baby. CLIP is her favourite though
The Glades: Newborns
Anon( Oct 1, 2021 )
So fun. Friendly and interactive - loved it. the atmosphere was perfect for mums and babies, the staff were so welcoming and it felt really manageable as a first outing with a newborn!
The Prince of Peckham: 0-1y
Anon( May 12, 2021 )
We really love the classes, the older child can't wait for half term so he can come along again. Our teacher and drag queen are both very welcoming and high energy engage with both babies and adults and the stories are always fun. I'm a nanny and both children love it and I find the stories very entertaining as well
The Dulwich Picture Gallery: Bring Baby Drag Storytime
Anon( May 11, 2021 )
Great show! Really enjoyed it and the team, my little one loved the show, the actions and the toys
Dulwich picture gallery: 4mo-5y
( May 10, 2021 )
Fun, creative, interesting, interactive
The Glades, Bromley: 4mo-5y
Carlene( Jul 3, 2020 )
This was amazing! After missing out for months on baby groups due to corona this was the beat return! My little one loves every single minute of it. Super interactive and engaging. Can’t wait till next week! X
The Rookery: 3 months - 4 years
Beth( Jun 27, 2020 )
Thank you so much. We loved it ! So much fun.
Hillside Park Gardens Meadow: 3 months - 4 years
Claire Burton( May 11, 2020 )
Our 4yr old loved this online session. She came away singing and full of stories and when I asked her if she'd enjoyed it she said it was 'lovely.' Really nice to find something that makes her feel she's connected with other children as she has been missing nursery.
Venue not specified
Emily( Apr 17, 2020 )
So hard to keep a 10 month old engaged via a live stream but this class did it! He was laughing away and absolutely loved it. Thank you so much xxxx
This activity will be streamed online: 4 months - 5 years
Anonymous( Apr 6, 2020 )
Another fantastic stream! Loving the security lengths Clip goes to to make sure our littles are safe in this weird and isolating time. Happy to be able to participate just as much as if we were actually there, all the leaders take the time to interact with the group. Looking forward to the next session!
This activity will be streamed online: 4 months - 5 years
Kimberley( Apr 3, 2020 )
Live-stream was wonderful. Just right for baby’s age, friendly and welcoming. It was our first class but won’t be the last!
This activity will be streamed online: 4 months - 5 years
Jessica ( Mar 16, 2020 )
Love this class, a fab mix of songs, toys and comedy. Daisy the leader is great, full of energy and great with the little ones. In a nice room at the maor arms as well.
The Manor Arms: 4 months - 5 years
Sam( Mar 13, 2020 )
Lovely venue, lots of space. All the children of various ages had something to enjoy
The Great Southern : 4 months - 5 years
Galina Gannon( Mar 8, 2020 )
This is by far the best class out there. There are others which have some good elements but this is the only one which has them all. Definitely value for money because you get what you pay for in my opinion. Highly recommend clip.
Venue not specified